The conference is organized by the Hungarain National Museum’s National Centre of Museological Methodology and Information since 2013. It is an innovative international platform and showcase for cultural heritage and museum professionals, IT researchers, communication and creative developers and experts from the business and public sector as well. The program gives an international review of actual themes in relation to the museum area:
  • digital development strategies and theories,
  • new technologies
  • innovative solutions
  • cultural aggregation
  • digital competency
  • tendencies of the creative industry


International and Hungarian professionals are giving presentations of different topics. The two days event is a great occasion for networking, improving knowledge, testing projects and developments.

Presentations has simultaneous interpretation in English and in Hungarian, workshop programs are in Hungarian.


Hungarian National Museum provides a unique opportunity to the companies operating in this area to demonstrate their profiles in its reputable building. During the two days’ event companies’s  representatives are meeting informed audiences, experts of museum collections, libraries and archives and other digital service developers.

Exhibitors are welcomed to join in the program as supporter too. MuseumDigit has special offers to supporters for using the different communication platforms available (Facebook, website, newsletter, roll-up, program brochure).


The Hungarian National Museum is housed in one of Budapest’s grandest neoclassical edifices. It was built between 1837 and 1847 after a design by Mihály Pollack, one of Hungary’s great nineteenth-century architects. Pollack, who was schooled in Vienna, created a temple-like building with a wide staircase leading to a monumental portico supported by ten colossal Corinthian columns. As a result of the renovations completed in 2002, the Hall of Excellence and the Dome Room, the Rotunda and the Lobby Room were technically upgraded.

The MuseumDigit conference is held in the Hall of Excellence while the exhibitors will be installed in the Rotunda Square, next to the Hall.

Address: 1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 14–16., Hungary